Greece Confidential

Ode to the Aegean heritage


27 April, 2021

Blue Heritage is a new digital meeting place around the cultural heritage of Paros and the Aegean islands, created to showcase the different aspects of their local identity and enhance accessibility and creative participation by the general public.

Blue Heritage is the new project of the “Routes in Marpissa” team. The multi-year archive of the recognized festival around the identity of Paros is presented online for the first time to the public, enriched by new recordings and artistic depictions of the cultural heritage of the Aegean.
It is an online experience of storytelling that aims to evoke the memory and emotions of visitors, highlighting the aspects that make up the culture of the Aegean. Different narrative media such as text, photography, video, recording and contemporary works of art, authentically introduce the place to the world, contributing to the dynamics of cultural continuity.
Folk culture, customs, architecture, arts, traditions, history, and environment compose the main themes of Blue Heritage, having the people in the heart of them.


The Blue Heritage website is an initiative of the Non-Profit Association “Routes in Marpissa”, based in Paros, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and with the support of the Municipality of Paros