Greece Confidential

Reborn from the sea



7 April, 2021

Handcrafted bags created from upcycled sails. Salty Bag is an upcycling company that makes bags and travel goods from decommissioned sails, that carry their own life-story in a booklet that comes with each bag.

When Chrissa, Spiros and Stratis met in a sail racing seminar, the creation of the first company in Greece that would deal with circular economy and creative re-use took off; and that’s how they came up with the Salty Bag, a handmade bag created in the Greek provinces, bearing stories from the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Inspired by Corfu, most of its designs express the joy of life in the island, as experienced by its creators.

Recently, Salty Bag renewd its website, creating the first online store (e-shop) in the world, in Corfu! The new website now operates in two languages, Greek and English, and in the local idiom of Corfu.