Greece Confidential

Inspired by Japanese street cuisine



14 April, 2021

Created by Birdman, Ekiben is a delivery and takeaway food concept that is inspired by Japanese Bento railway culture. The menu consists of glorious ramen noodles, sandos, nigiri, and, of course, the legendary Birdman Smash burger.

Last summer, Aris Vezenes created Ekiben, a ghost delivery restaurant inside the Birdman kitchen, inspired by bento boxes, which are sold on trains and stations in Japan. On the Ekiben menu we find some of Birdman’s signature dishes, such as wagyu beef nigiri, sando and delicious rice bowls, as well as the famous Birdman Smash, a burger on potato bread with two patties from free-range cows and four slices of american cheese. The menu is based on the asian habit of eating “on the go” between or after work.¬†During the lockdown, Ekiben became one the most favorite delivery and take away choices by the Athenians, and is available through the Efood and Wolt delivery apps or for take away in its physical address, Skoufou 2 in Athens.


EKIBEN, brought to you by Birdman

Skoufou 2, Athens