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Eight eco-friendly hotels in Athens


2 July, 2020
courtesy of the hotels

New philosophy and radical transformations represent a new perspective of the city’s hotels. Green techniques for the development of resources and also for the modern functioning of the hotels are now numerous and they afford multiple choices. All together they comprise the holistic project that has been started by a large number of hotels in Αthens.

Offering an ecological approach to hospitality through its interior design, New Hotel, the first hotel project by the award-winning design duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana, had for years represented a paradigm of green design. Wood paneling from the old hotel that was there before were utilised to cover walls and columns of the new, in the logic of a creative recycling of materials. The same motif continues in New Taste, while Art Lounge offers artwork by Jeff Koons. Art Lounge also houses a lending library with over 2,000 art books.
The 5 star King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel that opened in 1930, offers an aristocratic setting. The impressive Penthouse Suite with a private outdoor pool and a view of the legendary Acropolis and the award-winning Tudor Hall restaurant, with authentic Greek cuisine and a matchless view of the city, make King George the best expression of a privileged hotel with an ecological conscience.

© New Hotel

Another activity that is spreading in the city is the use of bicycles and Fresh Hotel is promoting it. It’s actually the first hotel in Athens that’s certified with the “Bike Friendly Hotel” badge, as it implements the necessary conditions (availability and renting of bicycles, storage, maintenance etc.) offering support for bikers and an incentive to others. It’s actually an elegant hotel, where the simple lines and the lively colours create the totally modern environment that calms you. Add to this its discreet luxury in its 133 rooms, the Greek and Mediterranean flavours in its restaurants, the sauna and the fully equipped gym, as well as the cocktails under the stars in the Air Lounge roof bar.

Although you’re in the city, there’s ways to feel closer to nature. The Foundry promotes a different kind of entertainment, moments of relaxation in an outdoor space. In the Picnic Garden, visitors can enjoy a real picnic on the roof, on a specially designed outdoor verandah, have their breakfast while admiring the Acropolis, or relax in the evening with a drink with a view of the lighted Parthenon. The Foundry is an urban boutique hotel in the heart of Athens, in the historic Psirri neighbourhood, combining industrial design with a very well thought out and postmodern vintage aesthetic in a building built in the 1930s which operated as type foundry and printing press and since 1990 as a cultural center, theatre and gallery.

© The Foundry Hotel

Transformation is also a form of “recycling” of a building, in the sense that it gives it a new identity and life. One recent example is the new Blend hotel, where there once was a modern confectionary shop of the 19th century, later known as the “Pavlides mansion”. The challenge here was to preserve as much as possible of its facade and its historic elements, something that the architect Alexandros Athanasiadis achieved in collaboration with Aeter Architects. The result is a neo-retro style with a lot of Scandinavian elements. The same goes for its restaurant, Folk, with a menu that’s been curated by the Different Beast team. What can we expect? “West Coast” flavours based on fresh traditional Greek ingredients.

When we’re talking about health and wellness, our thoughts turn to the best SPA in Europe, as attested by the World Travel Awards. In other words the Thalassotherapy Center of Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso. With an area of 3,500 square metres, it has the largest hydrotherapy pool in Greece, with an area of 270 square metres. Here visitors enjoy exclusive relaxation services through the innovative program #DivineYou from professionals, offering private nutrition sessions with the nutritionist in coordination with the Chef of the hotel, or private training lessons. Here also the unique restaurant Mythos by Divani offers a sophisticated menu with an amazing view.


Returning to the centre, Titania Hotel renovated the 4th and 5th floor, completing the almost radical renovation that had started in 2015. The impressive lobby, decorated with the world famous Penteli marble and excellent mosaics representing scenes from Ancient Greek History, the wonderful “La Brasserie” restaurant and also the award-winning “Olive Garden” restaurant on the roof, comprise one more hotel that is experiencing a period of revival in the city.
The Urban Stripes project, a collection of modern apartments close to the Acropolis, is designed in a way so as to maximise natural light from the Greek sun, in the most clever way bringing an air of contemporary, sleek design to the neighborhood of Koukaki.