Greece Confidential

Cucumis: Your new favorite natural soft drink



21 July, 2021

Summer is officially here and everyone is trying to lose weight. Everyone is looking for a soft drink with low calories but with a rich taste at the same time. The answer lies in the new “sophisticated” drink, Cucumis.

Summer is the season when everyone is trying to lose weight. Everyone is looking for a drink/soft drink that will have a rich taste but at the same time minimum calories. You need something enjoyable and special to facilitate the weight loss effort.

But Cucumis is not just another soft drink, it is a drink that has justifiably been described as “sophisticated”! It is a different soft drink that will make your day! If you like pure, cool flavors you will love it for sure. The drinks do not contain preservatives or dyes. They are available in lavender and cucumber flavors, while in both versions they will even take your alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail to another level. Their main feature that makes them unforgettable is that in addition to their wonderful taste, they also come in a modern and 100% recyclable packaging!

So, if you belong to those who are looking for something different, who want to limit their sugar intake without losing the enjoyment, Cucumis are ideally made for you. And because one is never enough you will definitely choose cucumber and lavender. If you like travelling, you will find them in catalogs outside Greece as they are served in top hotels and in more than 35 award-winning restaurants in Europe. As for Greece, Cucumis already travelled to the islands and summer destinations so you can enjoy them on the beach, in the restaurant or at the bar. As for the city, you definitely have many “hot” options to drink an icy Cucumis under the Attic sky since you will find them in the catalogs of the most famous restaurants.

Finally, they are ideal for those who follow a Vegan diet while their caloric index is extremely low, cucumber contains 5.5g sugar / 100ml and 24kcal while Lavender 4.8g / 100ml and 19kcal.