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Be your own barber


30 March, 2021

The new Braun grooming gadgets will help you take control of your beard, proving that handsome looks are certainly also a male affair.

For the modern man, beard grooming is not a simple matter. The male face has his own, special needs, which must be met easily and quickly, without having to visit a specialist. With Braun’s three powerful gadgets, you will be the expert.

The BRAUN BT5242 is the electric shaver that will help you bring out the style of your beard with absolute precision, thanks to its Autosensing technology. Adjusting the power of the cutting motor according to the density of the beard, it provides complete care. It has 39 cutting length settings and a precision cutter to achieve the perfect contour.

BRAUN 50-B4650CS & BRAUN MGK 5280

The BRAUN 50-B4650CS shaver has a long-lasting battery, and its three flexible blades design provides deep and easy shaving.It can be cleaned without having to remove the shaving head, with the EasyClean system. It’s 100% waterproof, ideal for use in the shower with or without foam / gel and can transform into a beard or body care machine with one simple motion.

Finally, if you want an electric shaver that has it all, then the BRAUN MGK 5280 is for you. It is the most advanced product for a man’s complete care, combining nine functions in one device: shaving, beard and body care, removal of unwanted facial hair and haircut. It’s also equipped with Autosensing technology so that, depending on the density of the beard, it adjusts the power of the cutting motor, and has blades that last a lifetime.