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Spring and the city


29 April, 2022

Use your feet. This is the …springiest way to discover Thessaloniki, a seaside city built for walking.

The Seafront Experience / The promenade or bike ride along the sea front for about 5 km, from the Concert Hall to the port is full of light, sea and a wide perspective. On the inner side of the seafront, 13 green spaces were created, as “green room-gardens”. Each with its own thematic feature. They offer shade, soft ground, visual privacy. They are all micro “park – rooms” reminiscent of the Mediterranean gardens that existed in the area. Between them stands the imposing White Tower – the landmark of the city – and the Statue of Alexander the Great riding Voukefalas.

Into the woods / Even if you don’t read the myths that accompany it, you have to walk the green forest of Sheikh Sou (The water of the Sheikh). The largest suburban forest in Greece is home to over 280 species of higher order plants.

The Upper Town / Ano Poli (Upper Town) does not need maps but only comfortable walking shoes. Climbing up the alleys you discover another Thessaloniki, nostalgic, from another time. Starting above Agiou Dimitriou Street, you will pass by important monuments and churches, among them UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the church of Agia Aikaterini, the Vlatadon Monastery, Agios Nikolaos the Orphan, Osios David, the Taxiarchon Church, the Alatza Imaret Mosque, the Musa Baba mausoleum. Along the way are the walls of Thessaloniki, eternal defenders of its security, the Eptapyrgio or Genti Koule and the Trigonion Tower, haughty and imposing from where the amphitheatrical image of the city as it embraces the sea deserves a sunset selfie.


Nick Pampoukidis / Unsplash
Mihai Halmi Nistor / Unsplash

Amazing Neighborhoods

• Bit Bazaar
Authentic and nostalgic market atmosphere with antique shops. Nearby is the Roman Agora, the social and religious center of Roman Thessaloniki, with many interesting monuments.

• Valaoritou
Hip meeting point for generation Z, with neoclassical and protected buildings that offer food, coffee and drinks. The Malakopi Arcade, with the iconic, big stopped clock, is a building with historical architectural importance.

• Ladadika
In a neighbourhood where the heart of non-stop entertainment beats, you will see one of the most charming -and touristic- parts of Thessaloniki. The old oil warehouses were transformed into a pedestrian area with historic colourful buildings that function as restaurants. bars, tavernas.

• Athonos Square
Nestled in the center of the city between Aristotelous and Agia Sofia streets, the small but lively square is a harmonious coexistence of the past with the present. In the morning the chairs and baskets of the carpenters and shops are spread out on the pavement along with the other goods. At noon they’re locked up, and checkered tablecloths are laid on the tables of the food & drink spots.

• Iktinou / Zefxidos / Pavlou Mela
The school pedestrian streets have become a favorite fun spot. Relaxed and casual atmosphere, alternative hangouts. There is also a church – catacomb of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, one of the most beautiful parts of the ‘underground’ history of the city. Descending the stairs you will find yourself in a small oasis of greenery and coolness. Formerly a Roman bath, an early Christian baptistery, with well-preserved catacombs.

• Kapani / Louloudadika
Smells, aromas, flavours and colors in a neighbourhood and two markets that seem to belong to another era. It’s worth losing yourself between counters and shops with an incredible variety.

Nicolas Tsakos / Unsplash